Klive Kraven – “The Musicmaker” CD


Klive Kraven's 18th underground release The Musicmaker. A must have item for all fans of hardcore underground hip hop or Kraven kollectors.

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  1. True Hatred Pt. 4 (Prod. Spion Liape)
  2. Drop Spot Music (Prod. Billy Whizz)
  3. Day Of Drugs (Prod. Immex)
  4. Two Tears (Prod. Trashtorno)
  5. Samurai Honor (Prod. Demento)
  6. Lets Get Loud (Prod. Kado Crates)
  7. Animal Instinct (Prod. Ultraman)
  8. Don't Forget Me (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  9. The Crown (Prod. JF)
  10. Same Struggle (Prod. Eisenhauer)
  11. So Tired (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  12. Save Me Pt. 2 (Prod. Plague Plenty)
  13. Fire In The Rain (Prod. Plague Plenty)
  14. Salvaging The Scraps (Prod. Invectrum)
  15. She Has Everything (Prod. Klive Kraven)

Released 2014.

All tracks mixed and mastered, album artwork & layout produced by: Klive Kraven
Released by: Goldminded Records © 2014 all rights reserved


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