Klive Kraven – “Death Comes in The Dusk” CD


Klive Kraven's first taste of death in the ongoing “Death trilogy”, Death Comes in The Dusk. This project features extremely dark undertones and horror-driven themes. A must have item for all fans of hardcore underground hip hop or Kraven kollectors.

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  1. Killers’ Konfession (Intro) (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  2. Death Comes in the Dusk (Prod. Luka)
  3. Composition of Decomposition feat. Dyad Souls (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  4. Late Night Morgue Music (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  5. Last Dance feat. Donnie Menace (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  6. Murderers’ Manuscript Pt. 1 (Skit) (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  7. World of Ruin (Prod. Vherbal)
  8. Taking No Prisoners (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  9. Running Centipede feat. Anonamix (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  10. Murderers’ Manuscript Pt. 2 (Skit) (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  11. Sixty Seconds of Slaughter (Prod. White Shadow)
  12. The Hearse Chauffeur (Prod. Olaf)
  13. Inside the Mind feat. True Grit (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  14. Murderers’ Manuscript Pt. 3 (Skit) (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  15. Soul of a Monster (Prod. Klagen)
  16. You Ain’t Stoppin’ Me (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  17. Legendary Legacy feat. Anonamix, Dyad Souls, Absoulut Karnage, True Grit, Donnie Menace, Pryme Prolifik, Rich Mahogany and La Dog (Prod. Klive Kraven) (Cuts. Judder)
  18. Death Leaves in the Dusk (Outro) (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  19. *A Day with Billy Rubin feat. Anonamix (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  20. *The Hearse Chauffeur (Remix) (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  21. **Fool’s Gold (Prod. Olaf)

Released 2011.

All tracks mixed and mastered, album artwork & layout produced by: Klive Kraven
Released by: Goldminded Records © 2011 all rights reserved


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