The Greatest Hits Vol. 2
September 15, 2017
12:00 pm
Klive Kraven

The 2nd installment of Klive Kraven’s Greatest Hits collection tracks.

  1. How to Cheat Death (Prod. Automate)
  2. Animal Instinct pt. 2 (Prod. Ultraman)
  3. The Boss is Back (Prod. Plague Plenty)
  4. Opera of The Sad Clown (Prod. Edd Bundy)
  5. True Hatred pt. 4 (Prod. Spion Liape)
  6. Natural Selection feat. Sean Strange, Anonamix and Donnie Menace (Prod. Domingo) (Cuts. White Shadow)
  7. Predator (Prod. One-Take)
  8. Night of The Living Dead feat. A-Wall (Prod. Vic Grimes)
  9. Changing Man (Prod. Dark Arts)
  10. Mysteries on A Mountain (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  11. End of The Show (Prod. Olaf)
  12. They Love You (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  13. Lucifers Labyrinth feat. Donnie Menace, Nutkaze, Absoulut Karnage and Dyad Souls (Prod. Klive Kraven)
  14. World of Ruin (Prod. Vherbal)
  15. Delivering Justice (Prod. Domingo)

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