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Nutkaze has been immersed in the world of hip hop for over 10 years recording with some of the biggest names both locally and internationally including RBX of tha Dogg Pound, Blak Genius, 2148, Scrim, jMore, 2K and more. Familiar to the stage Nutkaze has rocked the mic at Sydney’s Booty Bar, Neo, The African Club, Space nightclub, Soho, The fort, and many other venues including various hip hop festivals and charity events.Battling all around Sydney Nutkaze has made a name for himself as both a deadly rhymer and a story teller. In his music Nutkaze has tapped into the socially aware side of himself which is a strong theme in his music. The reason for showing this side of himself according to Nutkaze is “To educate and open the eyes of those who are blind to tyranny, injustice, oppression and even issues in our immediate society. Hip-hop has two sides to it just as we all do. There is the entertainment and the education just as in every person there is the good and the bad. There is a duality of some sort in every living creature. This album is holding a mirror up to our world and ourselves.” Nutkaze’s story is that of the path of the fallen and the story of redemption, which we all face. the duality in every human being. Everyone has a dark side and everyone has a light inside them. It’s the age old struggle between good and evil…he’s just telling YOUR story…. And there you have the unique difference between Nutkaze and the common rapper. Currently working on a book about hip hop education and sustainability called “Words and Works” this talented artist will find a way to get his message across to you. Astounding lyrically he is truly a profound writer and an amazing creative channel for what you’ve felt, thought or experienced at least once in your lifetime.

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