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Formaldahyde is one half of the hiphop group Evil Intentions, hailing from Topeka, Kansas. He has perfected his skills on the mic with over a decade as an emcee. Formaldahyde has developed a unique style of intricate word play with brutal rhymes, making him one of fiercest up and coming emcees in the underground. He has worked with some of the most respected emcees, producers, and dj’s in hiphop; including Celph Titled, Diabolic, Goretex, Bekay, Copywrite, King Magnetic, Chief Kamachi, Block McCloud, Mac Lethal, The Society of Invisibiles, Canibus, C-Rayz Walz, Klive Kraven, Matt Maddox, Savant, White Shadow of Norway, C-Lance, Grim Reaperz, Undefined, Skammadix, Ganjak, Mogly, Luka, Flag Captured, Judder, and Madhandz.

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