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A-wall was born Sept. 15, 1978 in Staten Island New York . Born to Drug addicted parents he started writing poems at a very young age. A-wall was a late bloomer to the underground Hip-Hop scene as he started his career at the age of 30. In 2008 he was an artist under the label 4myfamEnt but left due to creative disagreement

In 2010 A-wall joined a Group called split personality which included his long term friend Dr. Strange the CEO of Right Hook Records. During this time A-wall had worked with various artist from the Staten Island area. artist include Choze from Oceans 13, Lo down the villain from Black clouds Records, Stumik from Wu-tang ice Water etc. During the Same time he joined a Group that True Grit started called DP (Dirty Pedlaz) In 2012 A-wall was selected out of 60 applicants to attend Goldminded Institute where he would have a chance to Sign with Goldminded Records. out of 17 students A-Wall was 1 of the four who graduated and now is signed With Goldminded Records.

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