Klive Kraven drops 12 albums in 12 months!

Yup, that is not a typo. Klive Kraven will be releasing a series of 12 full length albums over the next 12 months starting in June. The first release drops on June 15th (Which also happens to be our 16th year in business to the day!). The release of these projects in this manner is to showcase our long history in creating dope music and to show that we are not going anywhere anytime soon! If you are a Klive Kraven fan this is going to be a GREAT year to be backing the big guy. If you are not familiar with Klive yet, then this is a great way to discover a multitude of new music from the man himself in a short span of time. The first release dropping is the following up to 2014’s “My Life in Black & white” aptly titled: “My Life in Black & White 2”. Make sure to follow the site for more details as the project gets closer!