Lu Chin Chen



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Lu Chin Chen is an emcee from the North Shore area of Massachusetts. He is known for his lyrically sharp style showcasing diverse patterns & topics, stories and intricate rhymes.

His known affiliations are as a part of Handsome Baldmen, Dirty Baker’s Dozen, Mic Titans, 12:10, Soul Mafia, Hellzwind, Goldminded Records and no longer affiliated with, but started off with NME Wreckidz in 1998-2000, when he released 3 projects with NME. The Curse, Down Direk (with Deep) and Revenge. Lu & NME had a good online buzz at that time and all 3 projects were popular on

After Revenge Lu decided to try at making his own beats and released a self-produced cd called Chentertainment with a new sound rhyming over composed production rather than samples. He continued in 2004 composing beats as half of the production team 12:10 with Mark Downie. Their sound was synth heavy with a New Wave feel to it. He co-produced a compilation projected called ë12:10í with Mark Downie showcasing both singers and rappers from all over Massachusetts. The final 12:10 project was a Lu Chin Chen cd called RevoLuChin which was made up of beats that didn’t make the 12:10 cd and a few new beats. He reunited with NME for 1 more LP in 2010 called Hostilis Incursio before cutting ties with NME permanently due to continuing creative differences.

Lu has many projects in the works including an EP with both DJ Turnz & Conflikt helming production solely on each EP and a full-length project with B-Dast called Handsome Baldmen. He takes on the persona of Mister Cleen, a dirty mouthed Masshole, for this one. There are other projects also in the works. Some say itís about quality not quantity but Lu Chin Chen gives you both with an extensive catalog along with unreleased songs also available online. Look for a Goldminded Records EP coming soon.

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