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Make something. Extra points if it lasts longer than you do.

Chris Mays was born in Lodi, CA to a creative and encouraging family and began indulging artistic passions as soon as he was old enough to hold a crayon. Moving to the east coast at an early early age, he turned to art, music, and a general love for all things electronic and digital as a replacement for making new friends.

He continued to develop his skills throughout his school years, following as creative a course of study as possible. Around his senior year in highschool, he traded in his name for a new moniker – Skrulewse – and in his pens for instruments and began playing local shows with various musicians, always opting for the rhythm section as a bass or percussion player.

After completing an associates degree in Graphic Design, he returned to music, and ended up playing bass, hand percussion, and Maschine live performances in a ska/reggae group called Sticky Longfingers and the Rusted Butter. The group went on to release a 4-track EP recorded at Wrightway Studios in Baltimore, and did a great deal of live performance up and down the east coast playing with legendary acts like The Wailers and H.R. of Bad Brains.

Fast forward a few years and Chris is still making art and music daily, now under a new alias – Guttermunk. Long time friend of Goldminded Records owner and president, James Shelkett Jr, he toyed with some projects prior, but officially joined the ranks in early 2017 as a multimedia designer, graphic artist, and as time allows, an aspiring producer.

Keep your eyes peeled for new artwork and music from Guttermunk in the new future.

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